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History of the company

Norclair began in Montreal in 1972. Thanks to the vision, creativity and professional discipline of its founder, Normand Lachance, this family woodworking business quickly carved an enviable niche for itself throughout Quebec. The company’s reputation for quality and reliability was no accident, but rather the result of embracing and hewing to positive, constructive basic values.


Since 1991, André Lachance has steered the company, aligning and maximizing every team member’s strengths. Teamwork is how Norclair has, and continues to, redefine architectural woodworking. When viewed as a team effort, creativity inevitably leads to extraordinary results.


To formally mark Norclair’s 35th anniversary, the company name will now bear a new and distinctive corporate signature: four horseshoes in the shape of a four-leaf clover to symbolize both good fortune (Lachance, the founder’s last name, means “luck” in French) and Norclair’s commitment to greener practices. The intricate logo is also a reminder of the attention to detail that has always characterized woodworking.

Histo Quote

Our past successes with projects entrusted to us motivate us to continually explore new possibilities.